I Am Here For You

Is it gone my friend…

that special light…

the one that once was yours?

Can I help you search…

or help you wait…

’til strength again returns?

I can hold your hand…

perhaps, touch your heart.

I will listen to your silence.


My name is Suzanne

… I offer “messages and miracles” … if the messages contain wisdom, that is for you to decide; miracles are in the eye of the beholder as well and only you can make miracles in your life …

… I offer information … including the practical “How do I get to …? or “where do I find …?” … if I do not know, I may know where to get the answer …

… I offer an alternative perspective that will perhaps help you find your True perspective …

… I offer the service of Listening …

… I offer nothing to join or sign …

… I offer the inspiring, motivating, comforting and sometimes entertaining words of others and mySelf …

You are loved …

I ask that you be polite … (according to my Funk and Wagnalls, polite: exhibiting in manner or speech a considerate regard for others; courteous;)

If you ask questions, I ask that you sincerely want an answer. Other than perhaps third dimensional physical location directions (and I could debate that), most answers reside within you. The words of others sometimes stimulate the discovery of those answers already within you.

You may rest with me in peace and Silence

A one-page autobiography of Suzanne written in 1990:

Born into a body in Chicago, Illinois on July 12, 1944, I was raised Catholic, attending Catholic schools thru college level. At age 7 I had heart surgery and my first “near death experience.” My birth family moved several times and my high school years were spent in the Quad-Cities area of Illinois-Iowa.

Throughout my childhood, whatever concepts I held of God were all that represented life to me. Upon graduation from high school I entered the convent. It was the vocation closest to God I was aware of and I felt called to the Franciscans. Convent-life became an example to me of prayer and meditation as a way of living. I was surprised, then came to understand, when I was “called” out of the convent as a form to the experience of following Divine Will in other forms.

Two years later I married and spent 16 months in Europe. Two children and ten years later my husband got a divorce. Eight years later (following a message in a dream two years prior) the marriage was annulled by the Catholic Church. The divorce was confusing to me in many ways, including being left with a name that my husband didn’t take with him and feeling that my “maiden” name no longer fit. I asked mySelf “What is my name?” and I made it legally “Suzanne” because that was the answer I heard.

At a time when I came to know that what a person wants and believes is expressed in the reality he or she experiences, and that Divine Will is for our happiness and abundance, I followed yet another inner leading. During a time when I didn’t know where I was going to get milk for my children or gas for the car, I tested my knowing and shortly moved into a home that was materially the ultimate of what I could imagine in happiness and abundance: an acreage with trees, flowers, streams, bridges, a play house and a tree house; a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house with indoor 40′ swimming pool and all the “trimmings,” including a fireplace, and a grand piano for chamber music. During my 16 months there, I had another “near death experience.” My knowing at the time was that God is Love and Love is the answer to all the miseries and mysteries of life. I was despondent because I wasn’t seeming to make this knowing manifest in my everyday life. In a different space/time reality, while my body was “dead,” I was told that Love is the answer but I didn’t understand what Love really is.

I was given a lesson in Love, seven experiences of Love’s aspects, then I heard a Voice: “I know you will die for Me, will you live for Me?”

My “Yes!” reply is why I am here now, why I say I came from Love, Love is where I am, and Love is where I am going. Beginning with a 16 month-long pilgrimage, I have been endeavoring to learn to express Love as I now understand It. I am here now to offer my services to assist you in finding your own unique and creative way to experience Love in your life.

Fear in all its myriad forms such as resentment, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, hatred, greed, revenge, and jealousy is what I term “Old Age” … that which we are invited to leave behind. Love is the foundation of what I call “New Age” … Love in all its forms including peace, joy, true security, abundance, trust, kinship, self-worth, forgiveness, compassion, happiness, harmony, and laughter is what we are all invited to experience and express.

In 25 words or less:

Love is Who we are. Love leads to Peace.

Fear comes from not knowing Who we are. Fear leads to violence.

It is a choice.


I urge you to read the remarkable new book from Jean Shinoda Bolen —

Urgent Message from Mother:
Gather the Women, Save the World

“Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Urgent Message from Mother is a book whose time has come. Our earth home and all forms of life in it are at grave risk. We men have had our turn and made a proper mess of things. We need women to save us. I pray that many will read Bolen’s work and be inspired then to act appropriately. Time is running out.”
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
Chairman of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa,
recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

You are invited to this link for thought, study, and recommended movies:

Exploring A Course in Miracles with my friend daan dehn (he shares some great pictures too)

and to these for centering – – – listening to the music with these is highly encouraged:

The Interview with God

Pathways to Peace

and this one, for those who want to DO something:

World Peace Experiment

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