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The word education has its root in the Latin language and means “to draw out”. I will now draw out of my memory and share with you the experiences at Villa Amari that reflected the various aspects of love from my re-birth experience. With enough insight on my part, all seven aspects of love could be found in each word or phrase I use to help me remember, and every experience could contain the awareness of love and each of the seven aspects.



We are always communicating. Each thought, word, and action communicates and if we don’t block it with our expectations, we can always hear the guidance to the best direction in which to put the energy of our actions to achieve our happiness and fulfillment. If I want this truth it won’t do me any good to loudly insist any viewpoint … I will only hear if I listen in peace. Otherwise I will get to experience that which my thoughts, words, and actions are expecting.

I don’t yet know the message or the valuable lesson of love in these experiences …
When I went roller skating for hours as a child, as I was going to sleep that night I would sometimes still feel as though I was skating. One night at Villa Amari after reading all day, as I was going to sleep I would see page after page in my mind … then all of a sudden I noiced that the pages were printed in another language … and as soon as I noticed, tried to analyze the language, the phenomena stopped. In recall I was sure it wasn’t any language I had seen or with which I was familiar.

I seemed to frequently sing a song in my head while doing housework or when idle … usually the last song I’d heard before the stereo was shut off. One day I noticed that I was using the familiar melody … with words in an unknown, unfamiliar language … and again, as I directed my attention to it the phenomena stopped ….

I asked what was going on after the first incidence and interpreted the answer to be that I was being taught another language. After the second incident, while feeling grateful and privileged, mused about why it stopped when I notice it. It was like catching something out of the corner of my eye and turning to look at it head-on and finding it wasn’t there … yet it would leave a memory … an impression.

A possible interpretation is that it was not so much a language as a key to understanding all language.


A cash register wasn’t the only machine which seemed to have been manipulated … perhaps some things went unobserved … there were two I remember “catching” …
One involved answering the phone, having a conversation, and discovering that another phone in the house on that same line was off the hook so the calling party “should” have received a busy signal as it was “impossible” for the phone to have rung. The other was a reverse of that. All phones were in working order yet someone was unable to ring thru. It seemed to suggest that I received all necessary communications … considering who the first caller mentioned was and the importance of the call … and considering the non-urgent second call would have interrupted something of importance.


I had several lessons in communicating with animals during that period … one I especially remember occurred at a different location though without the education at Villa Amari it may not have occured at all.

One summer day I went looking for a friend at an unfamiliar location on an island. I pulled into the driveway and started to get out of the car when the ferocious barking of a German Shepherd stopped me … I had been bitten by one … the “friendly” pet of a playmate when I was in grammer school … and the panic in me didn’t at all subside when I saw he was on a leash that was apparently attached somewhere in the open garage.

I hated my fear … “perfect love conquers all fear” came to my mind … “Right” I replied, in the same sarcastic tone as Bill Cosby when he does his Noah talking to God routine. My heart was pounding … I didn’t like trusting the leash … I sat down in the driveway fairly near the car and fairly far from my challenge. I sat still and did all my “talking” in my mind … I told him I was afraid and didn’t want to be; that I wanted to participate in the energy of the love that I believed existed between us; that I wanted to fill his empty water dish for him and wouldn’t do it while I was afraid; that I knew he was doing his job but that his owner/caretaker person was a friend of a friend of mine and that I really wasn’t someone to be worried about in terms of causing harm to him or the property; and that he was really beautiful. (I was able to really see what a beautiful animal he was after getting thru my fears by expressing them.) I was doing so well in getting relaxed that I didn’t stop my interior communication even when a neighbor came outside to do some yard work and said I was wise to stay away from the dog because he was a killer. I became peaceful enough that I asked a question and the monlogue became a dialogue as I began to realize that I was being heard at some level and responded to, though not in “words”. I asked how long he had to wait for his caretaker’s return or if he knew how long … and felt as though he somehow told me it was a meaningless question … that now was all there was.

“Be Here Now” … “Jesus,” I thought, “even dogs know it” …

His barking had stopped within five minutes or so of when I sat down. It was quite awhile before he slacked off from the furthest reaches of the leash … and when he went to the empty dish in the shade of the open garage … I knew he had heard my offer of water. When I stood up and he trotted back out … I acknowledged that I was still feeling afraid and that I was going to trust that my love was stronger. I’d heard that dogs like to sniff a person to get to know them … so I gently, with every bit of confidence I had, offered my hand to his nose (and refused to allow my attention to stay on the fact that his cute nose was right above an open mouth full of very sharp teeth in a very strong jaw.) After a moment of sniffing he actually looked up into my eyes … and something connected … all fear and doubt left. In an instant I felt as though we’d been lifetime friends! I put my hand on the back of his head and we walked together to the water dish … which I filled, waited til he’d quenched his thirst, then sat down beside him and hugged him.

After awhile I had the idea that he wanted to be off the leash and running down by the river. Some doubts and fears popped up, but there was no denying that the trust was stronger. I unhooked the leash …off he went to the river … he looked so happy and beautiful.

Sometime later I decided my friends weren’t going to show up so I called the dog and put him back on the leash … he came right away … as if fulfilling a promise. As I turned to leave I noticed the neighbor standing on the porch shaking his head … I don’t know how long he’d been there … “How on earth did you manage that?” he called out. “I just talked to him,” I said.

I’d come looking for a friend … and found one! (That’s what I call serendipity!)


I believe in and trust in the perfect divine order of the universe … and that love is the answer to life’s mysteries and miseries. Communication is an aspect of love … when I listen … when I get quiet enough and really listen, I then know how to flow in harmony … peacefully … with the divine order that exists. I want to consciously communicate with the center in each person … in each expression of life wherein dwells peace, love, and mutual respect. I trust we will all reach that point of consciousness and that the possibility exists in every moment for us to do so.

My love for you, dear reader, is all I have of value to communicate.



This is the single word I chose to use to remember an experience that could also be communicated with the words “We are one” or “all is a unified, interrelated whole.” It seems most people think of a relationship between two people when the term is used.
Stewart Emery in Actualizations points out that relationships exist always … we actualize them or not. I agree .. I am in a relationship with everyone, even those I’ve not met … and at this moment the only relationship that I am “actualizing” is the one with you, dear reader … and if you are only reading these words (and not also carrying on a conversation or holding hands with another, or petting your cat) then you are “actualizing” your relationship with me and at this moment it is the only one “actualized” … an intersting thought, isn’t it? … let’s pause a moment to contemplate it ………………………

I behold the love in you … I behold the peace in you



This aspect of love, as it relates to my experiences of further education at Villa Amari, was visible then because I was being there then … and when I be here now, then has no separate existence for me. If you want further clarification of this aspect of love, I recommend to you the book entitled BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass (the name means servant of God and is a name given to Richard Alpert by his guru.)

There has been so much written about this concept that I feel it’s more important to abbreviate all the information. If you meditate on the three words separately and together you can know their meaning and how they relate to the transformation of the miseries and mysteries to peace and joy thru love … perfect love which casts out fear. One helpful remembrance to me is that NOW is inclusive, not exclusive, of the “past” and “future” … all the wisdom and learning of the “past” … all the dreams and possibilities of the “future.”

Take a moment … be ……. here ……. now …….

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