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Name: Raya
Comments: Now let me see, mmmmmmmmmmm, what color was the Corvette and where was it from?

I am very fortunate to have been blessed to have Suzanne become a part of My Life. Twas the summer of 1990, a summer of change for me. Also, I was fortunate enough to actually have seen Villa Amari I (The Begining) in person that fall with Suzanne when we took a journey there in a two-headed turtle.

I know that this may sound quite confusing to some, to many maybe, but to those involved it will not sound strange. For that journey in the two-headed turtle gave many adventures and began an on-going change of Life experience for me. From a mad miss adventure at a rest stop in New Mexico, to almost playing bouncer at a Halloween party that went crazy for some young people who said the next day they wished that a bouncer had been there, including driving a two-headed turtle down the extremly narrow streets of the host town to WKRP and the Drew Carey Show, meeting a “Brother” veteran who Suzanne introduced me to who I can call a friend now also, to even wondering how after all these years Suzanne can remember the color of that one car out of the thousands of cars and trucks we saw on that trip and she still remembers the state it was from, with my being very fortunate to also see a solid white bald eagle in Oklahoma on our trip back (no it was not an albino), getting to meet a Desert Hawk at the Navajo Reservation community of Salie where the two-headed turtle woke up the next morning covered in ice from the top of it’s shell to the ground, even stopping in Sedona before returning to Phoenix so she could throw a crystal she had worn around her neck the entire trip into a fire, (while she was wearing the crystal, the blue in it vanished, when Suzanne threw the crystal into the fire it was almost totally clear, the next morning when she dug around in the ashes she found it, yet now it was grey with a white band around it about 3/4 of the way down the crystal), returning home to Phoenix was but the beginning of a Life’s journey for me.

With the occasional trips to the Circle “K” in Miami to get a “refill”, or over to a trailer to wake a “Stone Cutter” up and go have breakfast in Globe. Creating a Lifelong relatoinship with a lass from Scottland. Driving around town and the desert with Christmas lights decorating the two-headed turtle while we took friends to see other peoples homes which had been “lit” up for the holiday season. Going to Santa Fe to meet an author, so we could get our “inter-galatic-id cards”. Meeting with Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame, just to talk with him about a neat book which we both had read. Driving around Las Vegas looking for a “lost” girlfriend, then when we check into a hotel for the night, we find we can see the girlfriends apartment from the balcony. With Suzanne creating a minister so she could be maid of honor at the wedding of our Scottish lassie. I could go on and on with some great things which have occured in my Life being around Suzanne, but for those of you who know her well, you know that these things happen all the time, just another “Blue Card” job. Suzanne, thank you for being a part of my Life, for being a Love of my Life, for being a friend in my Life, and while I will no longer be your personal, long term chauffeur, I will still be around to drive you crazy from time to time. May the Great Spirit continue to Guide and Bless you and all those around you.

Peace, Love and Light,


Name: Suzanne aka MysticHOBO
Comments: For the curious – the two-headed turtle mentioned in Raya’s entry is/was a motorhome. Any other questions, please e-mail me. While I especially welcome visitors to Villa Amari I which had form in Bettendorf, Iowa … I enjoy comments and/or greetings from all who visit here at Villa Amari online.

My gratitude and appreciation to all of you – especially for all the Love you share in the world.

Special thanks to Dan for being my publisher.

Love and Blissings,


Name: Judy Anderson
Comments: Will enjoy reading your website and I send a note to let you know we are in blizzard-type weather today so enjoy ARIZONA!


Name: Danita Applewhite
Comments: Great website!!


Name: Raya
Comments: To all who have ever had the pleasure to have met or know the person who is called Suzanne, you will find that your Life will forever be changed for the better in some way.

I was fortunate to have met Suzanne in the summer of 1990. Our paths crossed at a place then called the University of Life Church. One could not ask for a better place to meet people from around the world.

Very shortly after meeting Suzanne, we became fast friends and set out on a number of journeys which took us from Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Quad Cities to Las vegas to meet Gene Rodenberry (creator of Star Trek), then to Globe/Miami many times to stop at the Circle K for a refill and meet more ineresting people along the way.

To meet Suzanne is to learn to Love Suzanne, to Love Suzanne is to learn to Love Life.
May you be lucky enough one day to meet her in person, enjoy the many things which she can share with you while she will most certainly enjoy the things about you which you will share with her.

Peace, Love and Light,


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