Musing About Money

sharing from the past …

This subject has been the focus of alot of attention in my life thus far … lots of thoughts and emotion, especiallly fear and guilt. Inside me is the peaceful resolution for all the conflict I am currently experiencing. I am using this musing in written word to locate that peaceful resolution.

The current pressure is that I am in alot of debt, in the appearance and judgement of most of the society/culture in which I live. Alot of this debt is because I have extended the seemingly limitless credit that keeps coming my way to other people in my life.

I know all of that is just appearances. Who is it I owe since all is One, all is One?

Why being a question which leads astray when I’m not seeing the whole picture, I will reflect first on a larger view of money experiences in my life. Whether or not I’ve ever experienced it before, I trust, I know that I always have more than just enough and that an abundance in material supply is mine and that I can come to a place of peaceful realization of that … How to stop worrying and be friends with the material, financial aspects of life in a body on planet earth.

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My Sincere Gratitude to You

It is a web log … shortened to blog. I had to answer my question what is a blog before I could even begin.

How is this different from my own journal? I’m sharing this. … so it’s like always writing a letter? OK

Dear One,

It is so happy for this opportunity to tell You THANK YOU! I am grateful for all the work You do in the world and all the service You provide. Thank You especially for all those things that are unnoticed, unappreciated, or underappreciated. Having had over 50 different paid jobs, many volunteer jobs, and been a wife, mom, pilgrim/traveler and fellow human on planet earth there is much I can appreciate. If You tell me about that work, I could appreciate it more and in any event, I am grateful and thank You. Mostly … thank You for all the Love You share in the world.

This is so important to me for You to know that this is all I want to say now.