Musing About Money

sharing from the past …

This subject has been the focus of alot of attention in my life thus far … lots of thoughts and emotion, especiallly fear and guilt. Inside me is the peaceful resolution for all the conflict I am currently experiencing. I am using this musing in written word to locate that peaceful resolution.

The current pressure is that I am in alot of debt, in the appearance and judgement of most of the society/culture in which I live. Alot of this debt is because I have extended the seemingly limitless credit that keeps coming my way to other people in my life.

I know all of that is just appearances. Who is it I owe since all is One, all is One?

Why being a question which leads astray when I’m not seeing the whole picture, I will reflect first on a larger view of money experiences in my life. Whether or not I’ve ever experienced it before, I trust, I know that I always have more than just enough and that an abundance in material supply is mine and that I can come to a place of peaceful realization of that … How to stop worrying and be friends with the material, financial aspects of life in a body on planet earth.

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