My Sincere Gratitude to You

It is a web log … shortened to blog. I had to answer my question what is a blog before I could even begin.

How is this different from my own journal? I’m sharing this. … so it’s like always writing a letter? OK

Dear One,

It is so happy for this opportunity to tell You THANK YOU! I am grateful for all the work You do in the world and all the service You provide. Thank You especially for all those things that are unnoticed, unappreciated, or underappreciated. Having had over 50 different paid jobs, many volunteer jobs, and been a wife, mom, pilgrim/traveler and fellow human on planet earth there is much I can appreciate. If You tell me about that work, I could appreciate it more and in any event, I am grateful and thank You. Mostly … thank You for all the Love You share in the world.

This is so important to me for You to know that this is all I want to say now.



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